About Us

DORD Hospital is situated in southern part of Bihar where patients for eyes health care come from Aurangabad, Arwal, Jehanabad, Rohtas, Bhabhua and Palamu districts of Bihar.In short span of 8 years of time hospital has been reached to covered approx.1 crore population where there is no quality eye care facilities. Every patient go to either Nepal, Punjab or northern part of Bihar for getting eye care services.

In the financial year 2017-18, we have performed approx 8,000+ cataract surgeries in our base hospital where in 79% surgeries done free of cost with the help of DBCS. But DHS not releases outstanding dues in the same financial year. Approx.39 lakhs was outstanding with DHS Rohtas and Aurangabad. In such a situation, we have organised limited camps in both districts. Mostly poor patients we were refusing to serve free of cost surgeries. They are still waiting in hope of free camps will be organised shortly. DORD Hospital did not have facilities to serve large number of volume cases and to provide quality services. We have 10+ pro- fessional staff and additionally we manage part time field staff from different projects to organise free camps for marginalized and poor persons. As you know, planning commission has identified 68 backward districts in all over India on all social socio para meter. Aurangabad and Rohtas falls under this categories. Aurangabad district is one of the most backward districts of Bihar in terms of socio-economic status as well as service delivery and adequate infrastructure for service delivery. The achievement versus target rate of the phys ical performances of cataract surgery is as low as 11.88%. Causes of social blindness of Aurangabad is much higher up to 87% in comparison to that of India & Bihar i.e. 62% & 73.6% respectively. There is a huge gap between the demand and the service delivery. We are striving to minimize the gap but lot more is needed to be done using several resources and avenues.Last but not the least, we are chasing following shorts of difficulties in handing areas of expertise/experiences:
1. Organisational Development–Capacity Building—Strategic Planning, Governance, Leadership, Management Training
2. Mentoring and upgrading of Hospital system
3. Financial support for Hospital Equipment/Instrument
4. Financial support for Cataract Surgeries
5. Infrastructure expansion